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At The Purpose Agency, we only work with influencers who have a strong purpose and engaged community. All of our influencers spread positive messages and do their part to create positive change. That may be anywhere from creating relatable content to address societal issues, to addressing racism on their platform. In a world where being so self-centred is now the norm, we work with influencers who have talent and stand for something meaningful.

Christina Taylor

Christina Taylor

CEO / Creator
Christina has always had a passionate eye for developing people. Her intelligence, business acumen and ability to be able to keep abreast of what is relevant and happening has thwarted her from strength to strength in her industry and beyond. 


All of our influencers here at The Purpose Agency are highly motivated and purpose driven people who have a clear tone of voice and identity on social media. We work with them to create a strong personal brand to make sure they stand out from the crowd

Brand Development

The Purpose Agency is more than just selling an illusion - it's about developing your brands' unique voice. We are passionate about helping brands refocus... and create entrenched social value within their brand and/or as part as their CSR. We also specialise in diversity, inclusion and equality consultation regarding black and ethnic minority communities, children and young people and people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Becki LouiseKaea Pearce

Personal Branding

Authenticity is key in developing your personal brand. We excel at helping individuals find direction and be seen. We help them to demystify their vision and create a clear pathway to success with goals. We raise their profile by helping to generate PR opportunities through exceptional story telling whilst utilising our personal connections.

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